Advanced Electrical Company Ltd, a full service electrical contractor offering our customers the best in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential service, including New Construction, Service & Renovations. We carry out a full range of electrical installations, supplying quotes and project specifications in order to design and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to your electrical needs. We pride our services in customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We are licensed with Electrical safety authority (ESA) and Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA).

We are confident in our work and we offer an impressive warranty on our materials and services. Our service is 100% guaranteed and we make sure that our clients are peace of mind.

Our service includes: New building and home wiring, Knob and tube replacement, Aluminium wire replacement, additions, Renovations, lighting and power upgrades, service panel upgrade, Trouble-shooting and Maintenance ,Telephone, TV wiring, computer networking, inspection for insurance, pot light installations and many mores.

The Company operated by very highly experienced management who has been working in the industry for more than twenty years and decided to run his own business. The owner of the Company is a certified Master electrician. He possesses Construction and Maintenance Electrician, and Industrial Electrician Licence. He is an expert on Electrical wiring and installations for new and existing homes, design and construction, customized renovations, service and panel upgrade, trouble-shooting and maintenance for residential and commercial projects.

The management believe in strong networking with family, friends, same professional trade peoples, attend seminars for electrical contractors associations organized by ECRA which will help to create more revenue for the Company.


Our mission is to highlights the key benefits and features of our products and services in the market by targeting specific geographic and demographic area in the GTA and to promote our services via networking, family-friends, word of mouth, industry association, trade show, social media, web ads, advertisement in local newspaper, yellow pages and customer referral.

We offer competitive price of our products and services that suits of our customer without compromising in quality and we have been choose our service location through market research and survey to reach the potential customer.

My targeted location is GTA. Demographic area of my service is Downtown, Toronto and geographical area are Etobicoke, Brampton and Oshawa Region. Our survey shows this area is more productive where more renovations and construction and repair are present.

The revenue we expect to make are 50% from Renovation contractors (B2B and B2C), and 30% from Building construction Contractor (B2B) and 20% from Homeowners (B2C)

By doing customer survey I have to know about my competitor, how much they charge for their service and also friendly I can ask my known competitors about pricing for their products and services, which may help me to fix my service cost.

To promote my business I need to talk to my family –friends, Need to maintain a strong networking chain, direct contact with business and homeowners, distribute business card, attend in trade shows, seminars, advertisement in the local newspaper.

To sell my products and services I have to understand the benefits of my products and services, and why the customer buys my service. So Clearly I have to describe to them e.g.  I am 15 yrs. of experienced, my company is registered with ESA, We provide service warranty for our job, we ensure quality, we offer discount to our 1st customers, we are reliable, we do the job on time, we respect your decisions and we offer you best options of our service…and you decide which options are suits for you.