Marketing Plan

The Industry Overview:

Our mission is to highlights the key benefits and features of our products and services in the market by targeting specific geographic and demographic area in the GTA and to promote our services via networking, family-friends, word of mouth, industry association, trade show, social media, web ads, advertisement in local newspaper, yellow pages and customer referral.

We offer competitive price of our products and services that suits of our customer without compromising in quality and we have been choose our service location through market research and survey to reach the potential customer.

Market Strategy:

What do I offer?

  • Experience – More than 15 years experienced certified electrician are performed our job
  • Licenced – Our Company is licenced from Electrical Safety authority (ESA)

and enlisted with Electrical Contracting Registration Agency (ECRA)

  • Insured – We are insured, we have an insurance policy (2million$ liability insurance) which is mandatory and enforced by ESA
  • Price advantage – we offer competitive pricethat suits to our customer
  • Service options – we offer you the best options for your electrical job……

So you can decide which options suit for you

Who is my Customer?

  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Renovators
  • General Contractors
  • Institutional

We offer 10% discount to each of our 1st customer and more 10% who refer to another new customer

Targeted Locations:

My targeted location is GTA. Demographic area of my service is Downtown; Toronto and geographical area are Etobicoke, Brampton and Oshawa Region. Our survey shows this area is more productive where more renovations and construction and repair are present.

The revenue we expect to make are 50% from Renovation contractors (B2B and B2C), and 30% from Building construction Contractor (B2B) and 20% from Homeowners (B2C)

Industry Trends:

As per ICI construction industry survey 2012 by OCS (Ontario Construction Secretariat):

  • The construction Industry remains +ve but less than previous year
  • Contractor expect continuous growth in their business in 2012 but are less bullish on prospects versus prior years
  • Out of 500 contractor 40% expect more business opportunity and 16% expect less business opportunity in 2012
  • 57% of contractors reported that the state of economy as being good slightly higher than last year

Construction looking forward- 2012 through 2017, the construction employment growth will see 2% growth,workforce will be steadily growing.

Canada’s Future Residential Electricity needs (Residential usage) by Canadian electricity Association:

  • 20 years ago (27.5 M. population) residential electricity usage- 129,831 GWh/yr
  • Today   (34M) usage 160,261 GWh/yr
  • 20 years Ahead (42M)  Residential Electricity needs- 197,969.47 GWh/yr

Above industry trends shows steady economic growth for the construction industry and as well as Electrical Industry.

My Advantage:

  • I am 15 years experienced and I already known some customer who may help me to get some new clients
  • I have enough time to spend for marketing my product by networking
  • My company is registered with Electrical safety authority (ESA)
  • My company is enlisted with ECRA, so I have an opportunity to meet my trade peoples and contractors in attending seminars organized by ECRA.
  • I can offer a better price to my customer, because my operational cost is less than some of the big company or/contractors
  • I am multi-skilled professional beside electrical I can offer voice and data service, and audio-visual in one package with reasonable price.

My competitors are well ahead of me, because they are already in business but I also I have long experience in this line though I started new this business. I have towork hard and need to be focus on my advertisement with highlighting the key benefits and features of my services. I need to offer a reasonable price that suits to my customer.