Sales Strategy and Plan

Develop a marketing plan. As a general rule of thumb, electrical contractors should spend between 4% and 6% of their gross sales on marketing.Small electrical firms should spend 25% of their marketing budget on Yellow Page ads, 20% on newspaper advertising, between 15% and 30% on direct mail, and 8% to 12% on customer retention. The balance may be used for truck decals, yard signage, radio advertising, and “on-hold” messages.

The followings are the key point of sales Strategy:

  • Make personal visit to your clients: To General Contractors, Construction Managers, Homeowners, Renovators
  • Advertized in the newspaper and get listed in the phonebook
  • Organize Promotional giveways: Send personal gifts during holidays
  • Attend Yours Industry seminars,Trade shows, Contractors Associations

Sales strategy/plan( cont’d)

  • Get involve in your community: Organize charity events
  • Launch a Website: put Company name and logo up top and commonly use like we, us, our as strong selling voice
  • Invest in an inexpensive post card programs: Mail post cards to your customers at least 4 times in a year. The card feature seasons appropriate themes,such as “ Time for a Check-up,Safety First, or Yard work.

Pay attention to your existing customers, it is less expensive to retain an existing customer than getting a new one.